Grades 4-8 In Person: Projects for this class will be either based upon a particular artist/culture, or a specific artistic technique. Students will learn a variety of art vocabulary, including the elements and principles of art, in depth color mixing, and perspective drawing. Projects will be more in depth and will usually take the entire session. Mediums that will be utilized include, but are not limited to, tempera paint, watercolors, oil pastel, chalk, papier-mâché, and colored pencil. All supplies are included for this class, and 1 makeup class is included for students that missed a class and still need to complete projects. 

High School 9-12 In Person: This class is centered around painting for this session, although it varies session to session.  The focus is on learning more advanced painting techniques, mainly with acrylic and watercolors, and also the elements and principles of art.  Various artists will also be introduced.

Students at work