1. Paper for sketching

  2. Pencil and eraser

  3. scissors

  4. 4 sheets 12x18 white construction paper or heavy drawing paper

  5. 1 sheet 12x18 construction paper in any color (will be the base so you won’t see it)

  6. Modge podge - prefer a gloss finish but matte will work or watered down glue would also work.

  7. Paint brush suitable for glue (I wouldn’t use your best brush for this as students may or may not clean them well enough to keep them nice)

  8. Size 6 or 8 round brush

  9. Set of watercolors - pan or tubes are fine, but pans will be cheaper and last longer

  10. Container for water

  11. Paper towel for wiping brushes

  12. Oil Pastels - We will be using them to color in eyes only, so the colors will depend on what type of animal they choose and what color they would like their eyes, They may also want black and white. *We will use these for future projects so if you plan to continue with classes you don’t need to worry about purchasing a set...they will be used!

  13. Crayons - any set of crayons will work.  We will be making scribbles to use as a base for a resist, even junky stubs will work for this :)

  14. Black tempera paint or India Ink - either will work for our purposes.  If you already have India Ink then that would be my choice, but it is expensive and tempera can work just as well. :)

  15. White Tempera Paint