1. 12x18 Construction Paper variety pack, we will need white paper for the first project! - Pack of 50 sold in most craft stores for around $5/less.  OR 12x18 drawing paper, we will need 2 sheets.

  2. Pencil and Eraser

  3. Paper for Sketching

  4. Drawing chalk/ chalk pastels - This is different from sidewalk chalk or normal blackboard chalk.  Its much softer.

  5. Ultra fine tip black permanent marker

  6. Fine tip black permanent marker

  7. I will be sending handouts to you for them to look from for ideas on this one.  They will be in black and white.  If you have the chance to print them up it would be helpful for them to be able to look at.  If not, I will have them pull them up on the computer during worktime.  

  8. White or clear liquid glue.

  9. Hairspray or spray fixative - You will want to spray the piece when your child completes it to keep it from smearing.  Aeresol can spray works best.