1. Pencil and Eraser

  2. Paper for Sketches and practice painting —- any scrap or printer paper is fine!

  3. 1 sheet 12x18 construction paper, color of choice

  4. 1 sheet 12x18 brown construction paper

  5. Blue, Red, Yellow, White, and Black tempera paint, can also include other colors such as green, purple, and pink.  Otherwise, we will be mixing :).

  6. Palette for painting - This could be as simple as a paper plate!

  7. Small detail brush -- The smaller the better!  Please make sure it is soft bristle

  8. Size 6 or 8 paintbrush --again, soft bristle only please!

  9. Container for water

  10. Liquid starch --we only need a very small amount, so a small container will do

  11. Chalk pastels or drawing chalk - DO NOT get regular chalkboard chalk, it needs to be soft!  The more colors the better!

  12. Napkin or paper towel for drying brush

  13. Black fine tip sharpie marker

  14. Q- tips - 4 or 5