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At Blossoming Artists, students at any level or artistic achievement are invited to create and learn while having fun! It is my goal to introduce students to different artists, cultures, and techniques, while building their confidence and encouraging their growth. I strive for a warm and inviting environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and get to know each other. I have been teaching online classes for the past 4 years in order to be able to share my love for art with students worldwide.


Jen Lane Cameron — Facebook Review

“This is a GREAT program! What a fabulous idea for homeschoolers. Sarah is so good with the kids and I love what they make! It’s awesome!”

Jessica Trask Sueiro — Facebook Review

“My daughter is a couple of weeks away from finishing her first session with Blossoming Artists. Avalon is really enjoying the class. She says that learning about different artists and their style is particularly interesting. I love how Avalon can be independent with logging on and interacting with the others. I think it is great for her own time management and awareness. The class moves at a steady pace so no one gets board and all children are engaged with the teacher. Highly recommend the class.”

Erin Rockey — Facebook Review

“Sarah taught at one of our co-op classes this past fall for k-3rd grade. My 6 year old son loved it! I was quite impressed with the art work he created and also the knowledge of the artists and mediums used! We look forward to taking more classes with Sarah. Thank you!”

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