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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the age levels for the classes strict? No they are not! I separate by age level, although I am very aware that their age may have nothing to do with their age or maturity level. I am flexible for ages of enrollment as long as it is right for the child. We are accepting of all within each class. Oftentimes we will enroll the older sibling into the younger sibling’s class because it is easier to make the project more difficult for the older sibling, but a little bit more difficult to make some projects “easier” for the younger sibling.


Do you give a sibling discount? Yes! There is a sibling discount for all classes with Blossoming Artists! Classes will be discounted $10 for each additional student and $30 each student when a webcam in shared. 

How long are class sessions? Sessions are 6 weeks long.

Are their makeup classes if I miss a class? Classes are not provided with a live makeup class, however, I do record classes and am able to give temporary access to the recordings for students to catch up. I am also always available for messages with questions. 

Will you add a class to your schedule? Yes! I am always open to adding classes as long as it works for my schedule and enrollment is high enough.

How many students are in each class? The amount of students per class varies depending on the class and session. I limit classes to 10 students in order for all students to be given individual attention. I try to maintain a social environment for my students to learn in. If a class cannot reach at least 3 students for that session then it may be cancelled and refunds will be issued.

What kind of projects should we expect? Projects are almost always based upon a specific artist or culture, with the exception of a few that are based upon specific techniques. Students will be introduced to the artist/culture at the beginning of the session and will be reviewed, along with the art vocabulary, at every class. In person classes will utilize a variety of materials including, but not limited to, paint, chalk, oil pastel, paper mache, fabric, and yarn. Online classes are more limited with materials, such as painting and drawing materials, to keep it easier for the student to create at home with less mess.

How do I know what materials my child will need for online classes? The supply list is listed on the class page for your child’s section. Supplies for classes are always kept at a minimum. I try very hard to make sure that they are inexpensive and easily accessible. Oftentimes parents will tell me that they already have most of the supplies required before they ever signed up for the class. I shop for supplies here in Ohio, so prices may vary by location, but I try to keep supplies to $20 or less if you had to buy ALL of the supplies listed (which most do not). Many of the supplies will be used again in future classes so that you will not have to keep buying materials.

Do I need a webcam for classes? Yes, you will need a webcam of some sort to be able to participate in the classes. For the online classes we use Zoom, which allows all of the students and myself to logon using webcams so that we can see and interact with each other as if we are in the same room. Students can see and hear each other, too. It allows me to be able to help solve artistic problems, and also allows students to get to know others from around the country and even the world! You can use the webcam that is built into your computer, but it is recommended that you have a separate webcam if possible. This will allow your child to be able to turn the camera down so that I can see the work as they create it, so that I may better help them, but also has a better quality of picture.

Are classes only for Homeschoolers? Blossoming Artists is open to everyone, no matter what type of schooling they do. Because classes are offered during the daytime hours, students are typically homeschooled/unschooled. If your child goes to school but can fit us into their schedule, either because they are on an extended break or the timing works, feel free to sign them up!

How do I signup? Please visit the Classes tab for more information. 

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