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Why a Consultation?

Homeschooling can sometimes feel like you are making your way through a dark tunnel, all on your own, just trying to feel your way for each step. I am here to help you lend you a flashlight! With my experience as a teacher, homeschooler, and doing hundreds of assessments, I have an arsenal of curriculums and knowledge to help you navigate your way through this amazing journey.

What to Expect

Your consultation will be unique to your and your family. Every family has different goals and expectations, so I am here to help you gear your homeschooling towards your individual needs. We will spend up to an hour talking through what you have been doing, individual needs of your children, and solutions to any struggles. I’m here to help you succeed and want you to leave feeling energized and confident! I also make myself available throughout the year for all of my clients to reach out with questions or struggles they may be having, so you are not sent out to float on a raft by yourself to figure it out.

How to Prepare

No preparation needed! All you need to do is schedule! If you would like to send work samples in advance for me to look over, it will always provide extra information for me to serve you best, but it is not required. It is a good idea to have work that you have been doing nearby so that we can refer to them as needed. The consultation is all about you and meeting your needs, so you make the rules!



$55 / 1 child

$90 / 2 children

$100 / 3 or more

Consultations will last up to an hour, with an additional charge of $10 for each additional 15min interval.

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