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About The Instructor

Sarah Martise is a homeschool mom and licensed art educator equipped with a Master’s Degree in Art Education. She taught in the public school system for 8 years before leaving to stay home with her 2 children. As a homeschooling mother she decided to offer classes specifically geared towards homeschool students. Blossoming Artists is not just a business, but is an opportunity to introduce students to a lifelong appreciation of the arts, an accepting creative environment, and also to a community of learners and parents that can help to support each other through their homeschooling journey.



My goal as an art educator is to form connections with all of my students while creating a challenging, motivating, and supportive environment for learning. I hope to instill a life-long appreciation for the arts and for learning. I strive to introduce students to a variety of artists and cultures, while creating works of art that speak to their individual talents and interests. At Blossoming Artists children of all skill levels are invited to join us to express themselves and create their own works of art that they can be proud of. We work to build confidence in a fun, non-competitive environment, encouraging their individuality to take form within their artwork. I understand that it is not about training future artists, but rather, about forming a base for the scaffold of learning to better understand and appreciate the arts, while feeling comfortable with self-expression. This understanding can take students a long way no matter what path they may follow in the future. 

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